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Objects of the mmSAR package (data sets, models, optimization function and model averaging function).

mmSAR overview

mmSAR is a flexible and scalable implementation of the multimodel SAR framework for species-area datasets (Guilhaumon et al. 2008).

mmSAR implements the basic elements of the multimodel inference paradigm (Burnham & Anderson, 2002) with simple R list-objects and functions. The package is scalable and users can easily create their own model and data objects.

If you are new to multimodel inference or non linear SAR fitting, a good start is the Guilhaumon et al. (2008) paper (freely available at the PNAS website), particularly the methods section and the supplementary material link to supporting information at the PNAS website.

In order to use mmSAR, a basic knowledge of R is expected. R and related documentations can be downloaded at
Although mmSAR is user friendly, the knowledge of some concepts such as functions and some R objects types such as lists is required.